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The Language Magician and Motivation

31. January 2020 by Lorna Price

THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN and Motivation Louise Courtney and Suzanne Graham have published their findings about what young learners felt about playing The Language Magician. The good news is that learners found the game fun to play, worth playing again, helpful for telling them about their progress, and moderately difficult. Furthermore, learners liked the game regardless… »

Call for Survey Participation

2. September 2019 by Suzanne Graham

We would love to hear about how The Language Magician has had a positive impact on learning in your classroom. We would be very grateful if you could take a few minutes to answer a few short questions about using the game. All the information you provide will remain anonymous. We would however like to use replies… »

A Magical Tweak – Integrating THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN into Lessons

25. February 2019 by Steven Fawkes

Feedback from teachers and young language learners on THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN game since its launch has been excellent with teachers reporting great engagement and motivation – the fact that this arises from an Assessment Tool is great news! The Project Team has now completed its work, of course, but still remains interested in Winivil, the… »

THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN receives Erasmus+ Quality Seal Award.

17. December 2018 by Karl Pfeiffer

THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN, an Erasmus+ project of the Goethe-Institut London and strategic partners from the UK, Spain, Italy and Germany, has just been awarded the Erasmus+ Quality Seal in the schools sector and also been marked as good practice project on the Erasmus+ project results platform. The aim is to give other Erasmus+ applicants useful… »

Latest research results from the EU project THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN

3. September 2018 by Josefine Klein

As part of the TLM project, data was collected from pupils in Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Spain over several survey periods. With the help of the data collected, the validity of the instrument – i.e. its quality and suitability – was to be checked on the one hand and, on the other hand, a… »


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