About the project

Ten partners from four European countries have built a Strategic Partnership in order to support the learning and teaching of foreign languages at primary school level. One of the main aims is to develop a computer game that can be used as an assessment tool in schools called “The Language Magician”. It gave the project its name. The game will be fun for the children, build on their language and IT-skills and provide information on their progression. It will support teachers by giving them a tool to assess their pupils’ abilities using non-threatening testing methods.

The partnership is strengthened by partners from universities who will accompany the project by doing research. Fruitful cooperation between all the project partners will lead to a network of educators from different countries supporting each other in more than one field and for longer than the project’s timeline.

The LANGUAGE MAGICIAN team will inform you about its cooperation, the development of the game, research results, conferences and latest news on the project. Please check out our partners’ websites by clicking on their logos.


Uni Stra Perugia
Uni Reading
Uni Leipzig
Gobierno La Rioja Educacion
CEP Norte

Associate Partner

Logo: Italian Consulate General in London
Institute Francais

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