Teachers’ experiences with THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN

7. March 2018

By Concha Julián-de-Vega, Rubén Barderas Rey y Jesús Hernández González The LANGUAGE MAGICIAN has proven to be a highly motivating game for students, as shown by data analysed by the University of Reading (Courtney and Graham, 2017), because of the engaging story and because learners have the feeling of making progress in a game-based context… »

“La Rioja enchanted by The Language Magician”

14. December 2017

Head teachers and language teachers from all the primary schools of La Rioja enjoyed a Languages conference “La Rioja Enchanted by the Language Magician” on 16th. November 2017 at IES La Laboral, Lardero, with more than 140 people attending. The event was hosted by Maria Teresa Gil Benito, Head of the Innovation and Teacher Training… »


17. November 2017

The LANGUAGE MAGICIAN project is doing well in its successful long-distance run to deliver the most innovative assessment tool for language teaching at primary schools world-wide. And we have set a date for our conference marking the end of the project and delivering the results of our work over the last three years. The conference’s… »

Some research background to the Language Magician

19. October 2017

By Suzanne Graham, University of Reading The LANGUAGE MAGICIAN project takes forward many of the principles that emerged from a study recently conducted at the University of Reading, Institute of Education. In our study ‘Primary Modern Languages: the impact of teaching approaches’, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, we explored not only whether an ‘oracy-based approach’… »

When challenge becomes an opportunity – Multi-lingual and language projects

8. September 2017

By Domini Stone Projects have great potential and can be an enriching experience, both professionally and personally. They promote collaboration and the exchange of ideas and knowledge. They bring colleagues together from different schools, boroughs, regions and countries who would have otherwise remained unknown. Participating in projects enables us to reflect on and view our… »


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