Gamification and assessment

19. October 2016

(Team of Advisor in the Education Office, Spanish Embassy for the UK and Northern Ireland) There is one element of the curriculum that we teachers are concerned and feel worried about. It is assessment above all, that is a big issue due to the fact that it does not only assess pupils’ knowledge, but their… »

THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN – Milestones achieved

15. September 2016

Roma Schultz, Project Coordinator, Goethe-Institut London Hipp Hipp Hooray. We have to celebrate THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN’s first birthday this month – in September 2016. And it is not the only thing we have to toast. One year in the making of the project, the ten project partners have achieved all the milestones and more that… »

Teacher training and CPD – the factors that make UK teachers attend training

21. July 2016

Modern foreign language teachers, whether working in the primary or secondary phase, are some of the most passionate, enthusiastic and sharing of teachers there are. You only have to consider the number of teachers engaging in various MFLgroups, on Facebook and Twitter, to experience the flow of ideas, energy and interactions between professionals who want… »

THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN: Preliminary considerations for task development based on standards, skills and language levels

4. July 2016

Over the past 25 years the start of foreign language teaching has shifted to the primary education sector in many European countries. This shift has been accompanied by intense discussions about suitable methods and content for appropriate teaching of foreign languages in primary schools. Whereas initially a decision was made not to check the language… »

Language Assessment in the migration context: What makes this subject multidisciplinary and what makes it difficult?

22. June 2016

The multidisciplinary approach involves drawing from different disciplines in order to reach solutions. It can be applied to different domains and it seems the only possible approach within the migration context. Migration is a global, cyclical phenomenon, a major component of the history of humanity since the early beginnings of civilisation. Migration is a general… »


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