Frequently asked questions

How much does the game cost?

The game is free of charge to schools registering and was co-funded as an Erasmus+ project.

At my school we do not have enough devices (iPads, computers) for each pupil. Can I split up my class in two groups and play the game once with each group?

Yes, that is possible. Each pupil needs a device to play the game. Depending on how many devices are available at your school you could play the game with one half of the class in one session and in the next session you could play it with the other half. Please note that you should be present with the part of the class that is playing the game in case individual pupils face problems.

How can I prepare the pupils for the game? Is there a list of vocabulary that you could send me?

There is no list of vocabulary to prepare the pupils for the game, as the tasks are based on international standards, and test skills and flexibility as much as language. However, there are Classroom resources on the website, which serve to prepare the pupils for the type of tasks used in the game.

How long is the game?

The game itself is 35 minutes long. You should plan extra time in advance (for you to try it) and time at the beginning for the set-up (introducing the game, logging in the pupils, pupils choosing avatar). After the game you can print out the certificates and hand them out to the pupils immediately, or in a future lesson.

How often can I play the game with my pupils?

We recommend playing each level of the game twice. Once at the beginning of the school year and once at the end of it. This way you can see the progress your pupils have been making over the school year and boost their confidence in their developing language skills.

What happens to the data after the game has been completed?

The data collected during a test session is stored on a server in the European Union and protected by state-of-the-art security. The teacher who conducted the test session can access it any time.

A version of the data is provided to researchers associated with the original Erasmus+ grant project. No version of the data can be used to identify individual students as they use nicknames only. We do not sell data or provide access to other parties.
For more information, see our data privacy statement:


Where can I find the game?

Please access the game via the links on our website: www.thelanguagemagician.net

Make sure you register early enough. Your login will be usable within 24 hours.

All other enquiries: infos@thelanguagemagician.net

If you are planning to play the game on iPads or tablets you can download THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN-App from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

As you need to download the app on each device, it is recommended to download it before you start the session with your pupils.

If you are planning to play the game on computers or laptops you will need to open the following web address in your browser (Firefox or Chrome, the game does not work with the Internet Explorer):




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