“La Rioja enchanted by The Language Magician”

14. December 2017

Head teachers and language teachers from all the primary schools of La Rioja enjoyed a Languages conference “La Rioja Enchanted by the Language Magician” on 16th. November 2017 at IES La Laboral, Lardero, with more than 140 people attending.

The event was hosted by Maria Teresa Gil Benito, Head of the Innovation and Teacher Training Centre of the Education Ministry of La Rioja, in the presence of the Minister of Education, Training and Employment, Mr . Alberto Galiana, the Minister of Education of the Spanish Embassy in the UK, Mr. Gonzalo Capellán and Adviser Mr. Jesús Manuel Hernández, Mr. Steven Fawkes, Honorary Membership Officer of the Association for Language Learning, and Mr. Juan Manuel Melgar and Mr. Carlos Cáceres, technical advisors of the Teacher Training department of Tenerife Norte.

The aim of the event “La Rioja enchanted by The Language Magician” was to disseminate information on “The Language Magician” – a game / language evaluation tool developed within the framework of an Erasmus + Project.

The first lecture by Mr. Gonzalo Capellán de Miguel (Education Minister of the Spanish Embassy in the UK) was called “Playing to evaluate? The magic of learning languages” and focussed on the use of gamification and the digital environment as motivating elements, since they bring the contents closer to the student through a medium and language commonly used by students.

The second lecture was “¿Rubik? Or how to learn languages through the student”. Mr. Jesús Manuel Hernández introduced the audience to the game world as a learning tool and to the child as the central player in the game of learning.

After a coffee break, where the attendees had the opportunity to see and play with the game in devices prepared for this purpose, we had the third presentation: “The Language Magician in action”, in the hands of Juan Manuel Melgar and Carlos Cáceres , who explained the project, the implications and planning, the piloting carried out, the nature of the game and its potential uses.

The fourth and final session, to close the event, was in the charge of Mr. Steven Fawkes. In his speech “Making Connections” Mr. Fawkes emphasized the importance of language learning in the personal and social development of individuals, the role languages play in an increasingly global world and their significance for future citizens of the 21st century.

The event ended with a great response from the audience, and the feedback we have received so far received has been very positive and encouraging.

Information about the event has been broadcast in print, on radio and on television and was disseminated through Twitter with the hashtag #LMagic.

Esther Janeiro Martínez

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