Final conference on 19 May 2018:
Progression and Language Learning in Primary Schools


THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN: Preliminary considerations for task development based on standards, skills and language levels

4. July 2016 by Claire

Over the past 25 years the start of foreign language teaching has shifted to the primary education sector in many European countries. This shift has been accompanied by intense discussions about suitable methods and content for appropriate teaching of foreign languages in primary schools. Whereas initially a decision was made not to check the language… »

Language Assessment in the migration context: What makes this subject multidisciplinary and what makes it difficult?

22. June 2016 by acht Quark

The multidisciplinary approach involves drawing from different disciplines in order to reach solutions. It can be applied to different domains and it seems the only possible approach within the migration context. Migration is a global, cyclical phenomenon, a major component of the history of humanity since the early beginnings of civilisation. Migration is a general… »

Common Ground needed for Assessing Languages in England

19. May 2016 by Claire

In England, language teaching for 7-14 year old pupils has been compulsory since September 2014. The National Curriculum in England (http://tiny.cc/LangPoS) requires pupils and teachers to focus on making “substantial progress in at least one modern or ancient foreign language”. Government advice on KS2 assessment is open – pupils are expected to know, apply and… »

About the project

21. March 2016 by admin

One of the main aims is to develop a computer game that can be used as an assessment tool in schools called “The Language Magician” …»


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