Bilingual Education – A priority for teachers and students in La Rioja

13. January 2017 by Begoña Aguirre Brea

Article by Begoña Aguirre Brea The skill of actively using at least one foreign language is one of the objectives to be pursued by any educational system, since it contributes to the learning process of students and favours the possibility of employment abroad. The Ministry of Education, Training and Employment of the Government of La… »

The beginning of the trial for THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN in Italy

4. January 2017 by Andrea Villarini

Which regions are part of the piloting? The piloting of THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN in Italy has just begun. It will be carried out in elementary schools of the provinces of Siena and Perugia. The choice to work in these two territories has different motivations. First of all they are the areas of the two Italian… »

THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN – Schools for piloting finalised

26. October 2016 by Anne Liedloff

We would like to thank all schools that signed up for our piloting of THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN! We were overwhelmed by the great number of schools which contacted us. We would like to inform you that we now have sufficient schools for the piloting. A mini version to get to know more about the game… »

Invitation to the conference “THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN at work” in January 2017 in Leipzig

21. October 2016 by Anne Liedloff

We have the pleasure of inviting you to our conference “THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN at Work” in Leipzig, Germany. The conference topics include assessment and teaching with e-learning tools. We will also present THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN computer game to the public for the first time.The project partners will present an analysis of the results from the… »

Gamification and assessment

19. October 2016 by Jesus Manuel Hernandéz González

(Team of Advisor in the Education Office, Spanish Embassy for the UK and Northern Ireland) There is one element of the curriculum that we teachers are concerned and feel worried about. It is assessment above all, that is a big issue due to the fact that it does not only assess pupils’ knowledge, but their… »


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