The Development of Teaching Foreign Languages at Primary Level in Spain – Short Overview

4. April 2016 by Esther Janeiro

In Spain, language teaching in primary education began in the late 70s, developing in a more specific way with the educational law LOGSE which implemented learning English as a second language at primary level for children from the age of 8. Thereafter, language teaching at an early age was promoted. Widely, compulsory teaching of a… »

About the project

21. March 2016 by admin

One of the main aims is to develop a computer game that can be used as an assessment tool in schools called “The Language Magician” …»

Standards and principles for the design of THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN tool

11. March 2016 by Norbert Schlüter

The aim of THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN project is to design a child-friendly, fun assessment tool that meets the needs of teachers and learners in the participating countries and for a range of languages. To be able to do this, the project team had to decide on a common set of principles to guide the tool… »

New Media and Foreign Language Teaching in Italy

3. March 2016 by Andrea Villarini

Systems for foreign language teaching through new technologies are spreading in Italy. We believe that this phenomenon is related to the simultaneous increase in the number of computer, tablet, and smartphone users, and to the much higher possibility of using a fast and reliable Internet connection. At first this phenomenon concerned almost exclusively adolescents and… »

The Language Magician game as an assessment tool

24. November 2015 by Jesus Manuel Hernandéz González

We are living through the knowledge age, a period of lifelong learning developed in a variety of contexts. When learning a foreign language, language itself plays a vital role, both as a learning object and as a vehicle for communication inside and outside the classroom. Likewise, language learners become learning subjects who act as social… »


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