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Privacy Policy  “THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN” of ovos realtime 3DGmbH, Schottenfeldgasse 60/36-38, 1070 Vienna, Austria

As of: 01/06/2018

This privacy statement applies to the collection, processing and use of your personal data within the use of the “THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN” client software for mobile devices (“APP“), downloadable via the Apple App Store and Google Play and developed by ovos realtime 3D GmbH, Schottenfeldgasse 60/36-38, 1070 Vienna, Austria (“OVOS“).

The APP offers a foreign language test in the computer game format for pupils of ca. 6 to 10 years. The game is designed for the students’ enjoyment, recognising their language and IT skills and giving them feedback on their learning progress. It supports teachers by giving them the opportunity to assess the skills of the children of their classes with stress-free test methods and without the need for a huge amount of preparation.

1. Service Provider and Authority Responsible, Project Partners and Schools

1.1 With regard to the APP, OVOS is the service provider in terms of the German Telemedia Act

(TMG) and the authority responsible in terms of the Federal Data Protection Act (Privacy Act) (BDSG). If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this Privacy Statement or in general regarding data protection with OVOS in conjunction with the APP, please contact:

ovos realtime 3D GmbH
Schottenfeldgasse 60/36-38
1070 Vienna, Austria
Email: jk@ovos.at

1.2 The APP is part of a European Erasmus+ project, in which, in addition to the GI, nine partners (Universities and Ministries of Education) from four European countries (“CONSORTIUM“) are involved. The CONSORTIUM jointly runs the APP website <thelanguagemagician.net>. Expert academic monitoring of the research project is an elementary aspect of the use of the APP in the teaching of foreign languages and will be performed by academic experts from different disciplines within the partners of the CONSORTIUM (“ACADEMIC EXPERTS“).

1.3 Permission to Use the APP Will Be Granted to

1.4 a) all PARTNERS and their ASSISTANTS involved in the PROJECT at any time to perform their tasks agreed upon in the PROJECT. PARTNERS conducting tests and ACADEMIC EXPERTS among the PARTNERS who use the results of the tests for studies must have concluded a COOPERATION AGREEMENT with the GI and

b) those teachers who have agreed in writing to take part in the tests during the pilot phase, or whose authorities have mandated participation, and whose pupils’ parents have provided written consent to the PARTNER performing the tests.

2. Collection, Processing and Use of Your Personal Data

Personal data means individual details of personal or factual circumstances of a particular or identifiable natural person, including, for example, name, class level or test results. During the use of the APP, no personal data of the participants of a SESSION, of a particular or identifiable natural person, is collected.

3. Collection, Processing and Use of Your Personal Data for the Provision and Use of the APP

3.1 (Automatic) Collection and Storage of Data When the APP Is Started

If you just want to start the APP, it is not necessary and not possible technically to specify personal data. For technical reasons, however, certain data from your computer or your mobile device, such as the date and time when the APP was started, type of browser, browser settings and the operating system, the last page you visited and the volume of the data transmitted, will always be transmitted to us during the communication in and via the (mobile) Internet. We will collect and use this data only in non-personal form when the APP is started. This data is usually not personal. In addition, your computer or your mobile device will also send us your IP address, which can be personal in individual cases.

3.2 Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Data within the Use of the APP

a. In order to be able to use the APP in the classroom, CLASS TEACHERS are required to enter some personal data of the participating students (“PARTICIPANTS“). In the process and during the use of the APP by the PARTICIPANTS (“SESSION“), initiated and supervised by an ASSISTANT, the following data, which may also be personal, will be collected:

  • PARTICIPANT’s pseudonym to be selected by the CLASS TEACHER
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Languages spoken in the home
  • Foreign language training hours
  • Year level
  • Place of school (country, city)
  • Date, time and duration of use of the APP
  • Response times to questions as well as the result of the answer
  • Appearance of the character selected by the PARTICIPANT
  • Online status when terminating the use of the APP
  • Client version

The above data (collectively “SESSION DATA“) will be used to enable the ASSISTANT to download and print a certificate for the PARTICIPANTS, which contains the PARTICIPANT’s pseudonym, the test results obtained by the PARTICIPANT, the language and the date of the test. For this purpose, OVOS will store the SESSION DATA on a server operated by OVOS. Only the respective ASSISTANT will have access to this certificate.

b. The following EVALUATION DATA will be stored for evaluation by the ACADEMIC EXPERTS:

  • Anonymised user ID
  • Test language
  • Support Language
  • Place of school (country, city)
  • Class level
  • Date of birth
  • Foreign language training hours
  • Gender
  • Date, time and duration of use
  • Version of game server
  • Response times to questions as well as result of the answer
  • Replies to the evaluation questionnaire

The above data (collectively, “EVALUATION DATA“) will be stored in csv format on a separate server operated by OVOS and will be anonymised by replacing the PARTICIPANT’s pseudonym by a randomly generated sequence of digits and letters (user ID). The EVALUATION DATA does not allow any conclusions to be drawn regarding the PARTICIPANTS’ identity. The EVALUATION DATA is the basis for the ACADEMIC EXPERTS’ research activities and can be part of research results, which will be published for research purposes, possibly also on the WEBSITE.

3.3 Access to, and Deletion of, Data

a. It is only possible to download and print a personalised certificate for PARTICIPANTS if the test is completed in full. ASSISTANTS can access and delete the SESSIONS they have created and have not yet finished. The corresponding SESSION DATA is irrevocably deleted in this case.


c. EVALUATION DATA will be deleted after ten (10) years or at the request of the person concerned. If the deletion is contrary to legal, statutory or contractual storage periods, the data will be blocked instead of deleted.

4. Data Processing Outside the European Union (“EU”) and the European Economic Area (“EEA”)

Processing of SESSION DATA and EVALUATION DATA will take place exclusively in computer centres located within the Federal Republic of Germany, within the EU or the EEA.

5. Rights with regard to Information, Data Correction, Deletion and Blocking

You are entitled to the correction, deletion and blocking of your personal data in accordance with legal requirements. In addition, you have the right to receive information from us at any time as to whether and, if so, what personal data has been stored by us and for what purpose the data has been stored, as well as information about the origin and recipient or categories of recipients of this data. You can send such inquiries to:

Ovos realtime 3D GmbH
Schottenfeldgasse 60/36-38
1070 Vienna, Austria
Email: jk@ovos.at


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