THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN receives Erasmus+ Quality Seal Award.

17. December 2018

THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN, an Erasmus+ project of the Goethe-Institut London and strategic partners from the UK, Spain, Italy and Germany, has just been awarded the Erasmus+ Quality Seal in the schools sector and also been marked as good practice project on the Erasmus+ project results platform. The aim is to give other Erasmus+ applicants useful ideas how to create an efficient, meaningful, and lasting Erasmus+ project in the schools sector.

The reason for the rare award, which no other Goethe-Institut has received so far, was that THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN received 89 out of 100 points. This is an amazingly successful project which addresses in exemplary fashion the priorities of the Erasmus+ program, according to the final evaluation by the respective national agency (PAD). It contributes highly significantly to the aims of strategy Europe 2020 as, thanks to the produced results, it already fosters learning languages for primary school children and thus sets the foundation for improved learning results at a later stage in this educational sector.

It is highly positive that THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN enables teachers of foreign languages to assess the level of learning and progress of school pupils without them having to undergo a classical achievement test. In this regard the project is innovative and can be deemed to be exemplary in this area. The project’s consortium with partners from the UK, Spain, Italy and Germany was assembly effectively and made testing with several thousand school children possible. This led to outstanding quality of the results both technically and didactically. The strategic partnership profited from complimentary competences and resources in the team –primary education specialists, digital competency, and research – and not least from the resourcefulness of the lead partner, the Goethe-Institut. Wide dissemination of the results is guaranteed by good publicity, a highly motivating product including support materials, and an excellent project website. Long term continuity and further development are secured by a follow-up project for secondary schools.

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