Sep 15 – Jan 16

  • Develop criteria on how to measure progress in language learning at primary level taking conditions in British, Spanish, German and Italian schools into consideration
  • Develop tasks testing these skills in cooperation with a software company

Jan 16 – Oct 16

  • Develop computer game templates in English, German and Spanish in which the tasks are reflected


Oct 16 – Nov 16

  • Test computer game templates in schools

Dec 16 – May 17

  • Analyse test results and give feedback
  • Hold conference on findings in Leipzig
  • Develop computer game versions for Italian and French and improve first versions

May 17 – Jun 17

  • Test game in more schools

Jul 17 – Nov 17

  • Conduct analysis, give feedback
  • Develop manual for assessment tool

Dec 17 – Jan 18

  • Hold conference on results and start dissemination in the UK
  • Transfer computer game into public space for usage of primary schools in the UK and elsewhere

Feb 18 – Apr 18

  • Prepare suggestions for primary schools on how to use it, carry out dissemination and training
  • Apply to relevant bodies, e.g. to European Language Council or European Languages Teachers Association to recommend game

May 18 – Aug 18

  • Take care of further dissemination and hold a brainstorming session for follow-up projects
  • Hold conference on project outcome and Evaluation





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