Tweaking Workshop for THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN

15. May 2020

Tweaking workshop for THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN

Steven Fawkes has followed up on his article below (‘A MAGICAL TWEAK – INTEGRATING THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN INTO LESSONS’) by developing a workshop which he has piloted with teachers in the UK. The aim is to introduce teachers who know the TLM game and characters to some of the Resources available on this website and to encourage them to create new resources they think their classes will enjoy in the style of THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN by tweaking activities they already use.

The workshop has been well-received and teachers have seen a lot of potential in recycling images, and in getting their classes, for example, to take roles in one of the TLM plays, or to listen to one of the Winivil stories, in order to remind them of the TLM universe and build on the motivation they get from playing the game.

The workshop is offered as a Powerpoint presentation and a link to the document can be found below.

As with other TLM resources you are not expected to use the presentation wholesale; you may adapt it or select from it to suit your needs. Please do acknowledge the source.

You are welcome to use it by yourself, with colleagues, or as part of a bigger free event. However the resource is not to be used commercially, and the copyright remains with the author.

Please share your ideas with others by sending any resources to TLM-information@goethe.de

Tweaking TLM – A Workshop by Steven Fawkes


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