Twinning up with the Erasmus+ project “Schools: Future Labs”

19. July 2017

Anne Liedloff, Goethe-Institut London, July 2017

The closing conference of the Erasmus+ project “Schools: Future Labs” took place on 16-17 June 2017 at Instituto Cervantes in Bucharest. Over 100 participants attended the exciting two-day event that was organised by the Goethe-Institut Athens and Instituto Cervantes.

The conference marked the end of the Erasmus+ project “Schools: Future Labs”, which promotes CLIL and involved schools from four countries: Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Poland. Among the participants were representatives of foreign language and STEM Teachers’ associations, Teacher Training Centres and Education Ministries from all four project countries as well as pupils from the project schools, who presented scientific experiments in German and Spanish.

Further, the project outputs were presented. The project and its prospect were evaluated and the future of CLIL was addressed in a discussion.

THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN and Schools: Future Labs

THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN and Schools: Future Labs, both projects are funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and Goethe-Instituts are the lead partners. A central point of both projects is to form a strategic partnership with the respective project partners. It is only natural to learn from each other and to use synergies. As teachers are the main recipients of our projects, the opportunity arises to disseminate each other’s information via the established project channels.

The project teams of the Goethe-Institut London and Athens held a meeting in July 2016 and exchanged experiences concerning the progress reports, which are to be submitted to the Erasmus+ programme, discussed their communication strategies and marketing materials and identified areas of support to assist each other with the dissemination.

The project partners of THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN recently completed the second round of piloting the online game to assess foreign language skills in the four project countries the UK, Italy, Spain and Germany. The release of an updated version of Level 1 and Level 2 of the game is planned for autumn 2017.

For all those interested in the closing conference for THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN, a date has now been set and it will take place on 19 May 2018 at University of Westminster in London.

Maybe some educators from Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Poland will join us.

The project Schools: Future Labs

The project Schools: Future Labs aims to implement a new approach that combines foreign language learning (German and Spanish) with MINT (mathematics, chemistry, sciences and physics) by applying the CLIL methodology in Year 5 and 6. It is motivated by the recognition that the ability to communicate in a foreign language, as well as an interest in STEM subjects, are vital to students’ future employment prospects and to the European economies.

Through a detailed system of method implementation and evaluation, in cooperation with educational experts and dedicated researchers, the project investigated the capacity for success of a bottom-up teaching methodology informed by Action Research and CLIL. STEM subjects were taught in tandem with language study for an integrative approach to learning.

The long-term goal of Schools: Future Labs extends beyond simply implementing and documenting this new methodology. Rather, the Schools: Future Labs team aims to inspire progress in global educational institutions.

http://www.sflabs.eu/ As CLIL is a big topic amongst British teachers of Modern Foreign Languages as well, the project results can hopefully be of use to them, too.

The Goethe-Institut London and Athens will continue their cooperation to the benefit of many European teachers.

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